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Cross-country skiing

Nature in White

Weissach Loipe

Weissach Ski Run (classic, skating) in Fieberbrunn 20 km
This ski run offers an exciting view of the landscape.
Start: Tragstätt Farm above Großlehen Inn.

A more difficult section of the run begins at the Lackenhof turnaround, though an easier section is also available. Ski past the start/finish line towards the west. After around 1 kilometer you will reach the junction of the new section of the ski run to Granbach, whereyou can again choose to take the easier or more difficult route. From the Granbachof turnaround the run goes through woods and over meadows back to the starting point. 

Reither Loipe

Reither Ski Run (classic) in Fieberbrunn 2  km
Reither Ski Run is the connecting track to Dandler Ski Run.
Start: Streuböden or Tyrol Camp Fieberbrunn

The run passes the Reither farms. At the edge of the forest you can descend along a narrow footpath to access Dandler Ski Run.

Dandler Ski Run

Dandler Ski Run (classic, skating) in Fieberbrunn  15 km
Start:  BILLA Shopping Center or Dandler Inn.
The first 5 km are especially well-suited for beginners. 

The ski run starts out across open country and after passing the entrance to the Eiserne Hand crosses Rotache Stream towards Vormau Farm. From there the track slopes slightly uphill past the Baumann and Rain farms to the turnaround point at Feistenau. From there you can access the Hochfilzen Europe Ski Run.
Dandler Loipe (klassisch, skating) in Fieberbrunn 15 km.