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Small bites and great cocktails

Everyone who is not tired yet from hiking, swimming, cycling, sightseeing or the skiing trip, will find their place in the KUBAR, with exactly the right atmosphere.

Some crafted aperitifs, cool drinks and good music is the relaxing end of an succeeded vacation day.

The KUBAR offers drinks, that have a good taste and look spectacular. Of course, the classics as the Aperol Sprizz, the Lillet Vive Spritz and the Campari Sodas are good for the start. Later in the evening you can enjoy an Lagavulin, Falwhinnie or Glemmorangie and everything will be fine.

Distillery Aggstein

We wouldnt be in Tyrol, if we won’t offer fruit schnaps, named obstler. You will find fine spirits from the distillery Aggstein from St.Johann.

Since five generations the distillery Aggstein stands for the distil of Tyrolean fine spirits. Spirits and likors, that are tasty, intensive and enjoyable at the same time. Either hazelnut-spirit 35%, Aggi’s Marille 33% or currants-spirit 35%, the more than 90 delicacies stand for fine ingredients, unmistakable aromen and top quality.

Egger Beer

Who has a need for a beer – drinks Egger Beer. Regional and familiar.

The roots lie from the nowadays called private brewery Egger go way back to the 17th century. In the year of 1675 was the brewery of „Pierpreu“ Hans Gwercher in Kufstein mentioned for the first time in the certificate. Today, the same as back in the day, the beer gets brewed after the purity command from 1516 in best quality.


Mo-Su: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sonnwendstrasse 13b, A-6384 Waidring
+43 5353 20 100